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Field Street - As we Heard It

City staff have released a report showing the results of their public consultation on the Field Sidewalk Project, which is planned for construction in the next couple of years. Staff said they have made some changes to the design as a result of the consultation. Please see the report below.


July 28 storm clean up

Public Works has been actively clearing service requests related to the July 28 summer storm. This storm was characterized by high winds with impacts primarily related to wards 7, 8, 9, 15 and 16. 

Here are the latest numbers provided by staff related to this windstorm:  

  • As of today, Forestry has received a total of 194 calls.  
  • All emergency calls have received a response. Forestry inspectors continue to complete secondary assessments which will allow for the scheduling of additional non-emergency related work. 
  • Follow up work related to right of way tree debris generated through the initial response phase will be coordinated this week.  
  • Roads and Parking Services received and completed a total of 59 total service requests. These included: 
    • 38 roadway flooding due to blocked catch basins 
    • 17 tree debris blocking roadway/pathways 
    • 4 police barricade requests due to downed power lines 
  • Parks have identified 22 parks in the affected wards that require tree support from Forestry operations. All immediate hazards have been addressed at this time. Debris cleanup will occur as the larger work is completed. 

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