July 28 storm clean up

Public Works has been actively clearing service requests related to the July 28 summer storm. This storm was characterized by high winds with impacts primarily related to wards 7, 8, 9, 15 and 16. 

Here are the latest numbers provided by staff related to this windstorm:  

  • As of today, Forestry has received a total of 194 calls.  
  • All emergency calls have received a response. Forestry inspectors continue to complete secondary assessments which will allow for the scheduling of additional non-emergency related work. 
  • Follow up work related to right of way tree debris generated through the initial response phase will be coordinated this week.  
  • Roads and Parking Services received and completed a total of 59 total service requests. These included: 
    • 38 roadway flooding due to blocked catch basins 
    • 17 tree debris blocking roadway/pathways 
    • 4 police barricade requests due to downed power lines 
  • Parks have identified 22 parks in the affected wards that require tree support from Forestry operations. All immediate hazards have been addressed at this time. Debris cleanup will occur as the larger work is completed. 

As with past summer storms, we are making progress, but there is still much to do, and efforts will continue into the weeks ahead. As a reminder to residents, property and asset damages experienced because of this wind event should be reported to their insurer for appropriate follow up. Where residents are having private tree work completed, contractors are expected to include the disposal of debris in their work completion and not left at the curb for the City to remove.   

Neighbourhoods impacted by this windstorm are varied in extent and breadth of tree damage noted. Damages were associated with high winds and hail in localized areas. Most of the debris has been noted as being manageable through our normal curbside collection processes. As a result, we are asking residents to assist with cleanup by utilizing normal curbside collection of leaf and yard waste. Residents can read more about proper leaf and yard waste disposal at Ottawa.ca.  

Forestry inspectors are completing secondary assessments of storm related service requests. Additional work will be scheduled for Forestry staff as these assessments are completed. These City works will include the removal of large right of way City tree debris using log trucks and onsite chipping operations.  

We appreciate everyone’s patience as we continue working on restoring areas that have been impacted by this most recent storm.   


Things to Note   

  • We are actively working on restoring properties across the affected wards, work that will take weeks to complete. Until then, you can support our efforts by making use of the City’s curbside waste collection program Green bin and leaf and yard waste | City of Ottawa. Here’s how you can help:   
  • If you have a fire hydrant on your property, please ensure to keep a 1.5 m perimeter around the hydrant to maintain access for Ottawa Fire Services in the event of an emergency.    
  • The City is continuing its commitment to re-establishing the lost tree canopy by re-planting lost City trees. Residents who would like a tree replacement on the City’s right of way in 2024 are encouraged to request it through the Trees in Trust program. Staff will continue to assess the loss of trees in City-owned parks before planning for their replacement.  


Please continue to help the City to identify outstanding or new concerns!   

  • For debris in parks, submit a request to Parks.   
  • For debris on the right of way along the curb, away from parks, submit a request to Roads.   
  • Please continue to report all other hazards and concerns through 311. 


Look Ahead 

We are encouraging residents to use existing city services in response to this event. City operations will be continuing their response works through the remainder of this week. We will continue working safely and as efficiently as operationally possible to get into a neighbourhood near you.   

We recognize that there is a lot of work that remains from this and past storm events where outstanding cleanup work has yet to be completed. The encouragement you have shown Public Works over this, and past events has not gone unnoticed. Thank you for your unwavering support as we continue responding to yet another weather event.   

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