Moodie Drive Traffic Calming

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Proposed Permanent Traffic Calming Measures on Moodie Drive between Old Richmond Road and West Hunt Club Road

The City has put together a proposed design which includes four speedhumps to address speeding concerns raised by residents on this section of Moodie Drive. To proceed, we would like to ensure that the project is supported by the majority of neighbouring residents. Please take a moment to complete the online survey prior to December 15th, don’t delay!


Since 2019, Moodie Drive between Old Richmond Road and West Hunt Club Road has been on the City’s Neighbourhood Traffic Calming (NTC) list. This program addresses requests for permanent, engineered, traffic calming on local and collector streets. Under this program, permanent traffic calming measures on Moodie Drive are unlikely to be implemented for several years due to the council approved prioritization/process.

We understand that waiting years for a permanent traffic calming is not an acceptable solution for most residents. We deserve action. This is why I’ve been working collaboratively with staff across City departments to develop an accelerated traffic calming plan which could possibly be implemented as early as fall 2024.

Current situation

Currently, Moodie Drive has a posted speed limit of 70km/h in the southern section, decreasing to 40km/h approaching D.A. Moodie Intermediate School located near Songbird Private. Other features of the street include the Jami Omar Mosque and residential properties (single family homes and a small condo development) that are located between Songbird Private and Old Richmond Road

Data collected by city staff shows that there is a speeding concern on this section of Moodie Drive. In fact, the operating speed (speed at which 85% of drivers are travelling at or below) on Moodie Drive between Arnold Drive and Songbird Private, is nearly 20km/h over the posted speed limit! These speeds are dangerous as there are no sidewalks or pedestrian crossings, and the school site continues to be used as needed by the Ottawa Carleton District School Board.

Proposed Plan

Staff have advised that the posted speed limit on Moodie Drive, near West Hunt Club Road will be lowered from 70km/h to 60km/h. This change will be made regardless of resident support for the following traffic calming plan; this work is scheduled to be completed prior to the end of November.

Staff are seeking input on the installation of 4 speed humps on Moodie Drive between the school site and Anwatin Street. Additional measures between the school and West Hunt Club Road would include the relocation of a speed display board (further south towards West Hunt Club) and dashed pavement markings which are intended to provide a visual queue for drivers to decelerate prior to entering the 40km/h zone and approaching the first speed hump when travelling northbound.

Data collected by City staff shows that speed humps lower the typical operating speed by 10km/h.

Visit to see the proposed plan and complete the online survey.

Next Steps

Your feedback is important to us. An online survey is available for residents who live near the proposed study area and will be open for residents to complete until December 15, 2023. The survey results will help project stakeholders determine the level of interest within the community for the proposed plan.

We are seeking your feedback on the proposed plan. If there is not enough community support for this project, this street will remain on the Neighbourhood Traffic Calming program prioritization list awaiting a detailed study of alternatives (it may take several years for this project to be prioritized against other locations).

Visit: to complete the survey today. You can also call my office to share your feedback directly at 613-580-2478.

I look forward to working together with you and your neighbours on this project.




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